Fashion Photography: A Practice in Teamwork S02 Ep - 03

This is episode 3, of our season dedicated to talking about different specialties in portrait photography. In todays episode Erica and Connor sit down with Jonny Edward to discuss his experiences as a fashion photographer.

Then, on sticking points, Connor sits down with Andy Bird to talk about building worth to meet his desired price point

Interview with Jonny Edward

Where to see Jonny’s Work




  • What is your background in photography? Self-taught?

  • How did you become a fashion photographer? What drew you to fashion v. other types of portraiture?

  • I know fashion style work is incredibly competitive and is notoriously difficult to make an artists primary source of income. What are some ways that a person can use their skills as a fashion photographer to build a sustainable business for themselves?

  • What kind of clientele do you search for? Is it more a matter of targeting Retail clients that want a fashion/editorial feel to their portraits, or do you target particular commercial enterprises?

  • What goes into planning fashion/editorial work? What is your process like for creating a shoot?

  • Let’s talk lighting. Do you have a preferred lighting setup? Favorite modifiers? Studio strobes v. speedlights?

  • What do you think is the most important tip for someone considering being a Fashion photographer?

  • Do you have recommendations for fashion photography courses or workshops?

On Sticking points Connor sits down with Andy Bird of to discuss pricing strategies in a difficult market.

Connor Hibbs