Wedding Photography: The Portrait Photographer's Marathon

This is episode 2, of our season dedicated to talking about different specialties in portrait photography. In todays episode Erica and Connor sit down with Seth from Seth and Beth Photography to discuss specializing in wedding photography as a career.



Instagram: sethandbethphoto

Other social: Twitter: sethlovesbeth



  • Born and raised in the Akron area.

  • Graduated HS from Walsh Jesuit HS, BS in Chemistry from College of Wooster, PhD from The Ohio State in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Learned work hard work and integrity from constant dedication to academics and sports.

    • Played 4 years of College Football as a center at College of Wooster

    • Ranked top 10 academically in HS

  • I have always been willing to take risks to try new things

    • 10 year Football Official; HS Football, Arena Football, Semi-Professional Football, Women’s Professional Football, D3 College Football,

    • Built a motorcycle from a frame to a working Chopper

    • Tattoo Artist for 5 years

    • Magic the Gathering Tourney player and collector

  • Beth and I have been married for 15 years

  • 2 awesome boys; Geo and Hank

  • 1 awesome dog; Lenny

  • Tell us about your photography background. When did you start, are you self-taught, did you go to college for photography, etc.?

    • We started photography in 2010 when our oldest son was born. We bought a camera instead of getting newborn photos. We instantly started taking a zillion photos. Being a scientific researcher by trade, we would find images that we were drawn too and would try to replicate by researching lighting, posing and editing.

    • Though we are self-taught, we commit every year to growing our skill. We attend workshops, seminars and conferences to gain education.

      • Two Mann Workshop: Lifestyle Images

      • Sam Hurd - Creativity

      • Jeff Newsom - thinking outside the box

      • Meg Bitton: Editing

      • Jerry Ghionis: Posing

      • Elisha Stewart: Lifestyle Images

      • The Last 40 Percent: Boudoir

  • What made you focus on wedding photography, rather than other forms of photography?

  • Are there traits you think are super necessary to work in this type of photography?

  • I would like to hear about some items you really feel you couldn’t live without when shooting weddings. This show isn’t super heavily focused on gear, but what are some things you feel make your life significantly easier in this grueling type of photography?

  • Let’s talk lighting. What’s your go-to lighting system and setup for portraits? For receptions?

  • What tips do you have for posing couples?

  • What business advice do you have for people looking to build a wedding photography business?

  • Marketing advice?

  • New pricing & print structure

  • What do you think is the most important tip for someone considering being a wedding photographer?  

Connor Hibbs