Managing Life as You Transition to Your Job as a Photographer - S01 Ep11

In todays episode Erica and Connor give you tips for managing life as you transition into your job as a portrait photographer.


Then, on sticking points, Connor sits down with Frank Gallagher to discuss techniques for bringing out a person’s authentic personality in their portrait.  


  • Step 10 Finding Success: How to manage a transition to a job as a photographer

    • You do not have to say yes to everything. Set boundaries.

    • Set aside management/administrative time in your schedule

    • Management tools

      • 17 Hats or similar programs

      • Fundy or designer programs

      • Canva

      • Later

      • accounting

    • Established workflows

      • Clients

      • Editing & delivery

      • Products

      • Business crap

Connor Hibbs