Branding and Displaying Your Work - S01 Ep08

Branding and Displaying Your Work - S01 Ep08

In todays episode Erica and Connor talk about displaying your portfolio and tips for building the visual elements of your brand.

Then, on sticking points, Connor sits down with Michael Pugh to give him some thoughts on intentional improvement as he learns more about photography as well as giving some advice as to where his money would be best spent to help him hone his skills.

Branding and using visual elements to speak to potential consumers about what your business stands for.


    • Logos don’t mean much on a blank page, but branding is important for getting your message across to your client

      • You have an idea of what you stand for in business, this is the time to start writing things down on paper. Make a list of 3-5 adjectives you feel represent what your business stands for/says to clients.

      • This can also be helpful to put into terms of:

“I want people to know that my business is _______” or “I want people to know that my business doesn’t do __________.”

      • When doing this step, don’t be too focused on the aesthetic portion of your branding, but just consider the emotive elements of your brand. Often times the emotion and message of the brand will dictate the visual elements.

      • If you have the means, work with a professional designer to brand your business. They’ll help you with colors, fonts, etc., but also with coming up with things that will speak to your target client AND help you implement things in the best way possible.

      • Check out for affordable, but good quality logos 12:30 ish

      • “They” say that people have to see something 7 times before it becomes memorized. Put your logo and branding everywhere so that people see it constantly. It’ll help you become a recognized business in your community.

    • Other items of branding, business cards, possibly print boxes, letterhead, social media, etc.

    • Having a great body of work is good and fine and will look great on social media, but it is a good idea to have a place to show off your work and a website is a fantastic/professional way to do so.

      • Squarespace v. Showit v. Wordpress v. Wix v.

Client experience is also a part of your brand. Consider making videos that demonstrate what that experience looks like. Promo videos are a really cool and unique branding tool.

Connor Hibbs