Tailoring Your Ideal Client Experience - S01 Ep 07

In this episode Erica and Connor discuss different considerations to make as you think through the way you would like your ideal client to move through their interactions with your business. This can range from being a high end full service photographer, or a speedy and efficient shoot and burn photographer. One way or the other, it is incredibly valuable to think of how you would like your client to interact in your business and start putting systems in to place to allow for a consistent delivery of that client experience.

    • Strategize about how you want your business to operate from a financial structure

    • figure out how you want your ideal client interactions to run and work on getting systems in place to help things do so.

    • Think about client experiences/customer services you’ve had. What did you love about them? What did you hate about them?

    • Include the client experience in your workflow, so that it becomes an automatic part of your business.

    • Think about the client experience in all interactions - first email communications, first in person conversations, the duration of the project, the actual shoot, the delivery of the images, the creation and delivery of products, the final communications.

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews (FB, Google, website, The Knot, etc.)

      • Be aware that asking for Yelp reviews goes against Yelp’s terms & conditions


On Sticking Points Connor sits down with Diarmuid O’Donovan to discuss his current issue of feeling a lack of passion going in to his fourth year as a full time wedding photographer and is looking for a way to get past his feelings of redundancy and burn out.

Connor Hibbs