The Steps You Should Take to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

In this Episode, Erica and Connor Discuss The changes coming to the podcast's format before having a conversation concerning the overall steps a person interested in taking their portrait photography hobby and turning it in to a business. 

General steps for turning your hobby into a business:

  • Step 1 Ask: What kind of Portrait business do you want?

  • Step 2 Establish a legal entity.

  • Step 3 Accounting & Finances

  • Step 4 Portfolio Building and culling

  • Step 5 Pricing yourself

  • Step 6 Business Model/Customer experience

  • Step 7 Portfolio Display and Branding

  • Step 8 Building an Organic web presence

  • Step 9 Develop additional marketing strategies

  • Step 10 Finding Success: How to manage a transition to a job as a photographer

Sticking Points

During sticking points, Connor sits down with Kaden from 365th Street Photography to discuss his struggle with writing blog and social media posts that speak with a voice that feels genuine without being overly repetitive along with some general tips for finding effective keywords for blogging and hash tagging. 

Connor Hibbs