Headshot Photography - Finding Creativity Within Restrictions S02 Ep - 05

This is episode 5, of our season dedicated to talking about different specialties in portrait photography. In todays episode Erica and Connor sit down with Rafal Wegiel to discuss unique and artistic approaches to headshot photography.

Website: https://www.rafalwegiel.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rafalwegielphotography/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rafalwegiel/

Other social: https://twitter.com/rafalwegiel

This is another episode with a solid long first segment, and as such we don’t have a sticking points this week.

Tell us about your photography background. When did you start, are you self-taught, did you go to college for photography, etc.?

What made you focus on headshot photography, rather than other forms of photography?

You’re known for your non-traditional headshots. What makes your work unique? Did this creativity present itself as a challenge when first starting to build your business, or did this draw people toward you right away?

What tips do you have to encourage others to approach headshots more creatively?

Do you think it is easier to run a headshot photography business specializing in working with individuals or on a high volume basis?

How do you recommend people go about finding work in this field beyond just having a well manicured online life? Is there somewhere in particular you think lends itself to landing the right clientele for this kind of work?

Describe your approach to choosing backgrounds, which is one of the more creative aspects of your photographs.

Do you have tips for cues, etc. when working with and directing clients?

Captivate - Vanessa Von Edwards

What gear (non-lighting) do you prefer to use for headshots?

Let’s talk lighting. What’s your go-to lighting system and setup?

What do you think is the most important tip for someone considering being a headshot photographer?

Connor Hibbs