Pre-Production Tips for Styled Shoots - EP 103

Erica & Connor talk about their recent experiences producing styled shoots and major campaigns, and share their tips for successful shoots.


  • Erica’s most recent production

    • Hanga

    • 55 unique photos and videos

    • Production manager and photographer

  • Connor’s most recent styled shoot

    • Styled Shoot for Course Composite

    • Starting work on a series of personal projects to push myself to incorporate more and more into my productions. Will likely blog about it.

  • Why is Pre-production important? Is it really worth doing?

  • Pre-production tips

    • Concept brainstorming session

      • Concept

      • Script

      • Characters

      • Needs

        • Locations, sets, talent, props, wardrobe, stylists, HMUA, etc.

    • Organization

      • Workflows to help you keep track of things

      • Timelines

      • Communication with others involved

      • Day of shoot agenda & responsibilities

  • Production tips

    • Keep people happy

      • Food, drinks, music, etc.

    • Consider bringing someone to keep track of everyone and everything

    • Set lights and test everything before shoot begins

Connor Hibbs