Using Video as a Form of Marketing - EP 102

Erica and Connor talk with Michael Sasser about the value of adding video as a marketing tool.


Michael Sasser is owner of Boudoir by Sasser, a popular boudoir photography company based in Los Angeles. He has been a professional photographer for 10 years and a professional videographer for 6 years. He uses the same cinematography in his portrait business as he did for weddings around the world. He currently teaches The Boudoir Video Course, a course with both PDF and over 2 hours of video content to show you how to leverage video to book more, sell more, and improve your brand.


  • Why is it important to incorporate video in advertising?

    • Separates you from the competition

    • Improves your brand

    • Helps you book more

  • In what ways do you use video in your marketing/advertising?

  • What key elements are important in a marketing video

  • How can people get started?

    • What you need to know

    • What equipment you need

Connor Hibbs