Connor Hibbs Self Portrait 2018-WEB-12.jpg

Connor Hibbs

Hey guys! I'm Connor, a full time portrait photographer from Colorado Springs, CO. I love discussing the topics of lighting and studio photography, but I tend to shoot a little bit of everything for my clients depending on their needs. My absolute favorite things to shoot are individual studio portraits and table top product work, and I am currently on the path of directing my efforts more towards corporate and commercial work over retail imagery. I love teaching others about photography and will happily talk your ear off about it! (at least until my wife nudges me and lets me know I am going overboard.) 
When not taking photos, I am more than likely spending time with my beautiful, sassy, silly wife Krysta and our adorable terrier mix (don't ask what kind, she's a mutt so we don't know) Lexa.


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